LittleBee Kitchen


Welcome to LittleBee Kitchen

LittleBee Kitchen are all about living life in the healthiest way possible and believe that every time you eat is an opportunity to nourish yourself.

What’s it all about?

LittleBee Kitchen was founded by Chloë Bannerman Dip ION & Mary Anderson-Ford, both big fans of a healthy colourful plate of food, and living a positive and active lifestyle; Chloë as a nutritional therapist, and Mary as a hobby.

They decided that a health and wellbeing company successfully combined their passions and set off to launch supper clubs and pop-up kitchens – the perfect way to spread the LittleBee Kitchen word, and to get more people buzzing about nutrition, fitness and overall wellbeing. Chloë & Mary believe that the food we eat, the water we drink, the way we think about ourselves internally & express ourselves externally, and the activity we all do each day can have such a positive impact on our lives and the world around us.

LittleBee’s pop-up kitchen events bring together nutritious, delicious and exciting food, and promise not a boring mouthful in sight! Full of wholefoods and flavour, rich in all those healthy nutrients our bodies crave.

Where you’ll find LittleBee…

Chloë & Mary join forces with restaurants who would like to throw their doors open to LittleBee Kitchen for a breakfast club, lunch or evening pop-up kitchen. They work closely with restaurateurs and head chefs to create nutritionally-balanced menus, high in all those healthy ingredients we know we are meant to eat in abundance, and low in the nasties that our bodies don’t thrive on. Menus introduce diners to new ways of putting together a healthy plate, and allow friends and families to come together for a meal that optimises their health and wellbeing. LittleBee Kitchen also align themselves with health-related charities, and create menus with specific dietary requirements in mind. Previous and forthcoming menus include food high in turmeric to assist in the well-being of cancer patients, and menus shaped around the needs of Multiple Sclerosis sufferers.

Why LittleBee?

LittleBee Kitchen is named after Laura Bannerman, or Lazzerbee (as she liked to call herself on social media); a supporter of saving the bees and all they do for our eco-system, and a completely amazing sister and sister-in-law to Chloë & Mary respectively. Tragically she couldn’t be saved herself when cancer struck, and heartbreakingly passed away aged 39 in April 2016 after living with the disease since the start of 2012. LittleBee is Chloë & Mary’s lasting legacy to her.

LittleBee Kitchen look forward to welcoming you, and getting you buzzing too.